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Working with Dreams in Psychotherapy

Working with Dreams in Psychotherapy Working with Dreams in Psychotherapy

Dreams are a universal human experience, expressing psyche’s spontaneous movement towards balance and wholeness. Our nightly outpourings of images and narratives are unique offerings from the dynamic unconscious, providing us with information for our ongoing psycho-emotional and spiritual growth. 
The purpose of dreamwork is to bring that which is unconscious into consciousness and if done with skill and care, dreamwork can significantly aid the therapeutic process. Helping your clients to connect to the feelings, sensations and intuitive responses evoked through dream exploration can bring “aha” moment insights into psycholoigcal issues, catalyse deep emotional transformation and provide inner guidance in life.

This 12 week online course provides a comprehensive methodology for working with dreams in clinical practice. 

Drawing predominantly on Jungian and Gestalt therapy approaches to dream work, you will learn and practice a process for unfolding the meanings and messages of a dream and for connecting with and integrating the psychic energy contained in dream images. 

Each meeting begins with a theory presentation on a particular aspect of dreams or dreamwork, with time for group discussion and questions, followed by an experiential session in which we will engage with one or more dreams, with demonstration and opportunities to practise with each other. Participants can share their own dreams or those of their clients (with prior permission) and the facilitator will also present dreams and dream vignettes for exploration and discussion. 

Suitable for both qualified and trainee psychotherapists and counsellors from any modality who have an interest in integrating dreamwork into clinical practice or working with their own dreams for personal psycho-spiritual development. No prior knowledge or experience required

Comprehensive handouts and reading list provided

30 Hours CPD certificate on completion


 “Working with Dreams in Psychotherapy”

 Fortnightly 7 - 9.30pm

Wednesday 15 Nov 2023 to Wednesday 15 May 2024 

COST: £300  

TO APPLY: Please contact me for an application form and payment details 


15th November 2023: What are dreams? Why do we dream? Types of dreams

29th November 2023: Dream Incubation 

13th December 2023: Jungian Approach to Dream Work - archetypes / symbols / common dream themes

10th Januray 2024: Active Imagination - Gendlin's Focusing / dreaming the dream forward (part 1)

24th January 2024: Active Imagination (part 2)

7th February 2024: Alchemical Symbolism in Dreams - Alchemical Stages (part 1)

21st February 2024: Alchemical Stages (part 2)

6th March 2024: Alchemical Symbolism in Dreams - Alchemical Operations (part 1)

20th March 2024: Alchemical Operations (part 2)

17th April 2024: Dream Series - charting the development over several dreams 

1st May 2024: Practicum

15th May 2024: Praticum

Elizabeth Blaise is a UKCP and BACP registered integrative transpersonal psychotherapist and UCKP registered supervisor. She holds a PG Diploma and an PG. Advanced Diploma from CCPE and a PGCE in Further Ed. from UCL. She works extensively (and in some cases exclusively) with dreams in her psychotherapy practice.



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